Learning Goal:  To prepare students for success on Free Response Question 4 on the AP Exam:  Equation Writing with Question.

Video Lesson:  Free-Response Question 4:  Equation Writing

Directions:  Write Net Ionic Equations and answer a related question:


  • No work shown = no credit !
  • Click the links below to work out each equation with me.

AP Scoring Rubric:  Each equation is worth 5 points total.

  • 2 points earned for correct reactants

  • 1 point earned for correct products

  • 1 point earned for balancing (mass and charge) the equation

  • 1 point for correct answer to question

Letter a

Letter b

Letter c

Letter d

Letter e

Letter f

Letter g

Letter h

Letter i

Letter j

Letter k

Letter l

Letter m

Letter n:  (not assigned)
Letter o:  (not assigned)

Letter p

Letter q

Letter r

Letter s

Letter t

Letter u

Letter v

Letter w

Letter x

Letter y

6>Letter z

Letter aa

Letter bb

Letter cc

Letter dd

Letter ee

Letter ff

Letter gg

Letter hh

Letter ii

Letter jj

Letter kk

Letter ll 

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